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Welcome to the CT Lazers web page!


The Connecticut Lazers Lacrosse Team was founded in 2009 with a small group of athletes who desired to play   lacrosse at a very competitive level. We are a club lacrosse organization promoting a high level of play for girls’ lacrosse players from throughout Eastern Connecticut and Southern Rhode Island.


The team consists of high school girls who are committed to playing lacrosse at a higher level and who also have a long range goal of playing at some level collegiately. Players have a chance to play with and meet girls from throughout the region who have similar goals, ideals, drive, and spirit. Many CT Lazer athletes are also honor students at their respective high schools. Typically, student athletes who choose to compete at this level (travel teams, AAU, etc.) achieve the same success academically as well as in most challenges they meet. The Lazers team looks to prepare its players for competition and for life. It strives to provide them with the tools needed to become their best, challenging themselves to ultimately succeed on and off the field. We promote the importance of teamwork, leadership, honesty, fairness, good sportsmanship, and competition. These athletes are understated, humble, and stoic; they stand out because of their overall skill and attitude and desire for team play which is obvious to all. The Lazers staff use these values each and every day with the players and hopefully it is evident in all we do. CT Lazers offers our players an advanced competition level with the intention of improving their skills. Players will continue their development of field awareness while showcasing their athletic skills at numerous national college recruiting showcases and regional competitive tournaments.

CT Lazers provides a training structure to develop our players into the athletes they want to be. CT Lazers extends the opportunity to the best players from throughout the Eastern Connecticut and Southern Rhode Island regions to join together as a competitive team dedicated to becoming the best they can be, as student athletes individually and as a very special team.


Our expectations are the same as that of most high school and college programs.  We expect players to be fully committed. We certainly understand this is off- season play; however, it is imperative to attend practices, clinics, and tournaments scheduled throughout the year. We have nothing scheduled during the spring lacrosse season. Fall events are typically on weekends (or just on Sundays when other sports are not playing). We strongly encourage participation by our athletes in other sports; it’s healthy and many college coaches look for that in their prospective athletes. No matter how good a player is, there is always room for improvement and there are always new approaches to learn. A CT Lazer player is ready to be taught and is committed to be the best they can be. While commitment and hard work are required, the CT Lazers want to balance the experience with the ability to have FUN!  Ask any of our veteran players; fun is a must!  The CT Lazers Lacrosse Team strives to provide a successful and enjoyable experience.  


High school girls in grades 9 through 12 from Eastern Connecticut and Southern Rhode Island.


The CT Lazers will provide its players and parents help in winding through the college recruiting process. We will be advocates for our athletes and utilize all of our contacts to help place our players at schools that best fit their interests and abilities.  In today’s college lacrosse environment, there is ample opportunity to play at a variety of levels.  Working in concert with the player and her family, we will help in finding the right match and fit. We take this responsibility very seriously and work very hard on behalf of our athletes.  This process, which can be stressful at times, should be enjoyable.  We hope to take some of that pressure off the athletes and their parents by providing information and assistance.  The entire recruiting process generally begins in the student-athlete’s sophomore year and is continual through the senior year up until a selection is made.  Remember, it’s a two-way process- you’re recruiting the schools and coaches just as they are recruiting you!  We emphasize that players who put the most into it, get the most out of it.

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